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Thanks for visiting Orange Township.  We are situated in Mid-Michigan in the south western part of Ionia county.   A population of approximately 1000 residents live on 36 square miles of beautiful rolling countryside.  We have easy access to nearby centers of commerce via Interstate highway, I-96 (east to Lansing and west to Grand Rapids) and M-66 a major north south transportation artery.   Click here to jump to the Township Ordinance list

Zoning FAQ

What is Zoning?
Zoning is a tool used by local governments to implement their plans for the development of the community and the good of the general public by regulating uses of land.  Zoning is managed by a set of laws, called the Zoning Ordinance.

Is Zoning the same across the County or the State?
No - Zoning laws can vary for each municipality (Township, Village, City or the County itself).  This information is posted for residents of Orange Township in Ionia County, Michigan

What is my property zoned?
Download the Zoning Map and find your location.  The zoning districts are color coded.  Or call the Zoning Administrator.

Can I operate a business from my home?
Certain low impact types of business are permitted within the home, call the Zoning Administrator for details and fill out application as necessary.

What sized lot can I build on?
The area regulations for lot size, frontage and set backs vary depending on the the Zoning District and other considerations.  Download the appropriate section of the Zoning Ordinance and check the area regulations for your Zoning District.  If you have questions call the Zoning Administrator.

What is the process for applying for a zoning permit?
The zoning permit process in outline is: fill out a zoning application form, stake corners of the building(s), call for an inspection and permit appointment and pay the appropriate fees.

What are the fees for a zoning permit?
The most often used zoning permit fees are: $50.00 for homes, accessory buildings, additions and inground pools.  There is a $25.00 fee for decks, porches and lean-tos. This information is on the top of the zoning application form.  A detailed list of all zoning fees are found in the Zoning Fees document that can be down loaded.

What does the Zoning Administrator do?
The Zoning Administrator interprets the Township Zoning Ordinance, reviews construction zoning applications and issues zoning permits.  The administrator also coordinates and transmits applications such as special land use, rezoning or site plan review to the Planning Commission for their review and forward on to the Township Board where required.  Applications for variance or appeal are accepted and transmitted to the Zoning Board of Appeals.

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